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Correlation Design and International Art Services was created based on the different difficulties that museums, galleries and other cultural institutions confront while attempting to strike the most effective balance between staffing, exhibitions and their development. The institutions and collections often find it difficult to maintain an adequately trained and experienced staff on a full time basis largely due to budget restrictions. Correlation Design and International Art Services is based on the concept of offering complete professional museum services, in addition to custom fabrication of all types and scales. We also offer a full range or services for the private collector.

Our mission and philosophy is to keep informed of the ever changing world of art and its conservation. Through continuing education we continually update our methods and materials to meet or exceed the current museum quality standards and procedures. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in Building Operations, which include environmental monitoring and control, ( HVAC ) Data Monitoring ( electronic and /or mechanical) of Temperature and Relative Humidity, Proper Lighting Levels/Exposure, Exhibition Design, Curatorial, Art Handling, Packing and Installation.

Founded by W.F. Withers II, bringing over 19 years of museum management experience. Mr. Withers has held management positions in several prominent museums, including Building Superintendent, Chief Preparator, Exhibition Designer, Exhibition and Collections Manager. Having also curated several Public Art Programs.


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